About Acelufly👼

  • Acelufly is a fusion of the words "Accelerate" and "Fly," symbolizing the passion for acceleration and soaring heights. This name reflects our commitment to innovation and vitality.
  • Founded in 2008 year, Acelufly aims to bring a fresh and exhilarating experience to home entertainment. We are a team passionate about music, dance, and movement, dreaming of providing innovative products for everyone to enjoy a unique entertainment experience at home.
  • Inspired by the globally popular arcade dance machines of the last century, our founder envisioned bringing dance mat gaming into households. We believe that dance is not just a form of entertainment but also a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we dedicated our efforts to developing a distinctive dance mat to meet the new expectations of home entertainment.
  • The Acelufly Dance Mat employs advanced technology to deliver an exciting dance gaming experience. Whether young children or adults, everyone can freely express themselves at home, breaking a sweat while embracing the charm of music and dance. Through Acelufly, we aspire to ignite a passion for both fitness and entertainment, creating homes filled with laughter and vitality.


About Dance Mat

Diverse Surface Material Options:

  • PEVA Waterproof Dance Mat: The surface is made of PEVA material with a waterproof design, making it easy to clean and providing a durable dance entertainment experience.
  • Flannel Dance Mat: The surface features comfortable flannel material, offering a soft and warm feel, enhancing your dance experience with comfort.


    Five Major Game Function Blocks:

    Dance Games:

    • Two visual styles: MTV and Cartoon modes
    • Three difficulty levels: 4-key, 6-key & hand-feet
    • Three song star difficulty levels, with a total of 150+ songs.
    • Supports song customization, allowing you to break dance boundaries.

    Camera Games: Innovative camera interactive mode integrates your body movements into the game, providing a completely new entertainment experience.

    Running Games: Three running games - Parkour, 100m, and Long-distance running, blending exercise with entertainment.

    Yoga: Professional yoga guidance to help you maintain physical and mental balance, promoting relaxation and well-being.

    Controller Games: 70+ wireless controller games, including retro arcade games, sports motion-sensing games, and puzzle games, providing a diverse range of options right at your fingertips.

    The Acelufly Dance Mat is not just an entertainment product but also a home fitness device with innovative inspiration and comfortable design, adding more fun to your life.


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