Wireless Dnace Mat

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Hot New Release】Single Dance Mat

Made with durable materials and high-quality PEVA, this dance mat features 150+ songs, 6 AR somatosensory games, 3 running games, 70+ interactive games, and 20 yoga aerobics routines. Enjoy an immersive dance experience at home and embrace a healthy lifestyle with dancematfamily.

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Double Dance Mat

PEVA dance mats are known for their waterproof and durable qualities. They provide a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. Additionally, PEVA dance mats are more lightweight.


Double Dance Mat

Flannel dance mat are loved for their soft and cozy texture. They provide a warm and comfortable surface for dancing, making them great for use in colder climates.


Single Dance Mat

The single dance mat is designed for solo gameplay in dance, running, and yoga modes (with 20 sets available). However, the controller games can still be played by multiple players. Furthermore, the single dance mat features improved stability due to additional PCB boards under the directional arrows, enhancing both weight and precision for arrow location.